Health goals you can achieve

Something about the air in September, or maybe as a consequence of the “back-to-school” fever in September, often has you wanting to set new goals for yourself. This is positive but be careful of falling into a trap of setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, expecting drastic change and ending up further away from your wellness goals than you were before.

blog post marathon

Wellness goals: it’s a marathon not a sprint.

We are all about making things easy at EarlyBird so our nutritionist, Sophia, has shared her simple and easy health tips to help you with your wellness goals. None of these require you to eat a special type of hard-to-come-by superfood, or cut out any food groups from your diet. They are just simple pieces of advice to help you come closer to realistically and safely achieving your health and fitness goals.

Discover what is good for you

Some people need three big meals a day, some are better with smaller meals more often. Some need to snack constantly, some not at all. Find your balance and what you and your body feel at your best doing.

Aim to eat mindfully

Take a little time out of your day to mindfully eat your meals away from your desk or laptop.  Increase your awareness of how you are fuelling your body and enjoy every mouthful. Treat food as a sensory experience, appreciating the smell, texture, taste and flavour as you eat. This will help you feel more satisfied, prevent overeating and aid digestion.

Aim for a balanced plate

When you look down at your plate of food, make sure it is well balanced. Always aim to include a big portion of vegetables, a form of protein and complex carbohydrates. Don’t be scared of fats: by adding the right type of fats such as those  found in coconuts, nuts and seeds, you will allow your mind and body to work at their optimum. 

Always drink lots and lots of water

Try infusing your water with mint, lemon or colourful variety of fruit. Drinking plain hot water throughout the day can gently aid digestion plus you can also add some fresh ginger for a more warming digestive aid.

Always eat breakfast

Try to eat within thirty minutes of waking up to keep your blood sugar levels constant and regular. It is also important for breakfast to be as balanced a plate of food as lunch and dinner. 

Choose nutrient dense snacks

Whilst snacking is meant to keep you going between meals by ensuring blood sugar remains constant and energy is sustained, don’t try and achieve this with empty calories. Your snacks should be as nutritious and as balanced as your main meals. An ideal snack should be between 100-200 calories, and it should be nutritionally balanced to include a complex carbohydrate, protein, and a little bit of healthy fat.  You can check out the full range of our nutritionally dense snacks here! 

Remember to listen to your body

Are you hungry? Then eat. Are you satisfied? Then stop eating and save the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. This is easier said than done of course: we all overindulge sometimes. Learn from these moments to give your body what it needs. Don’t starve yourself when you are hungry as a weight loss tool, this will not work. Feeding your body what it needs, when it needs it, will.

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