The benefits of snacking between meals

Everyone loves to snack. But not many people know that the benefits of snacking reach far beyond just beating daily hunger pangs.   Check out the ways below that snacking can also help stabilize blood sugar levels, boost your nutrient intake and increase your metabolic rate: 

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Snacking helps your body get all the nutrients that it requires in a day. The more often you eat, the more opportunity to get essential vitamins and minerals which are important for helping you avoid getting ill.  Just make sure that you are choosing nutritious options.  For instance, if you know that you do not include enough fruits and vegetables in breakfast, lunch or dinner, then opt for a snack which provides one of your five a day, such as freeze dried vegetables or kale chips.

fruit balls.png

Fruit balls are perfect for getting your five a day on the go.

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Eating every few hours helps keep your metabolism burning at a consistent level. If you skip meals, your body actually slows down your metabolism, so when you eat again, you are not burning those calories as efficiently as before.  

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Eating at regular intervals can help boost metabolism, just like exercise.

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Snacking between meals can help you avoid becoming famished and hitting starvation mode which increases the chances of you overeating at meal times or reaching for unhealthy options.

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Healthy snacking can help you make healthy meal choices.

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By snacking consistently throughout the day, you are keeping your blood sugar stable, which in turn prevents you from getting irritable and forgetful (hangry), two common signs of low blood sugar. 

watermelon blog

Take a guess: happy or hangry?

Remember: An ideal snack should be between 100-200 calories, and it should be nutritionally balanced to include a complex carbohydrate, protein, and a little bit of healthy fat.  Listen to your body and what it needs but snacking healthily 2-3 times a day between three balanced meals should help you avoid blood sugar crashes, boost your metabolism and keep you and your gut healthy and content.  

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